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Délifrance ensures consistent quality of its raw materials by ensuring that:

  • Ingredients of Délifrance products are GM free and have not undergone any ionisation treatment.
  • Ingredients used in Délifrance products derived from corn, soya, beet and rapeseed oil are from conventional farming methods.
  • Raw materials originating from the EU are preferred.
  • Suppliers are committed to the consistent quality of their products and comply with Délifrance requirements. All supplers must have a HACCP system, follow the guidelines of good manufacturing and hygiene pratices, assuring ascending and descending traceability.

Délifrance ensures optimal quality from manufacturing.

  • The product is followed at all stages of production by a monitoring sampling system.
  • A Délifrance product passes through between 70 and 100 control points.
  • Each production site constantly monitors its products in terms of organoleptic quality, recipes, baking guidelines, ageing and storage.
  • Tasting panels are organised, internally and with consumers to gather sensory perceptions on new recipes or recipes that are in the process of being improved.
  • Délifrance is audited regularly by accreditation bodies and its customers.

Our Quality and food safety system

The food security management systems of our production sites are certified according to the international norm ISO 22000 and/or according to the referential of the British and European retailers, Consortium Global Standards) or IFS (International Food Standard).

Délifrance was the first company to be certified ISO 22000 for the majority of its boulangeries by LRQA Lloyds register Quality Assurance France.